Tableau Training: Master Tableau For Data Science

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Tableau Training: Master Tableau For Data Science
Tableau Training: Master Tableau For Data Science
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Tableau Training: Master Tableau For Data Science

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Learn Tableau 2020 step by step from Basic to Advance: Data Visualization through Chat, Graphs and Maps.

Created by: Henry Harvin Education
Henry Harvin Education
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What Will I Learn?

  • Master the latest Tableau software for the use in business
  • LEARN the skills to be a tableau developer
  • GET aware of the Tableau products suite
  • LEARN to download & install Tableau desktop 10
  • UNDERSTAND to connect Tableau to Excel and CSV files
  • LEARN to sort data in data source tab and worksheet tab
  • ACQUIRE the knowledge of filtering data in Tableau
  • GET the understanding of creating charts like pie chart, Bar chart, Funnel chart, Maps and many more
  • LEARN to become used to advanced features, like Calculated Fields, Parameters and Hierarchies
  • CREATE dynamic dashboards by using multiple worksheets and their usage
  • GET the understanding of showing an overview using dashboards and share them to end users
  • ACQUIRE the knowledge of combining multiple data sources using joins and blends
  • GAIN a broad understanding of creating storyline and its usage in Tableau
  • COMPREHEND to export Tableau results to PDF, Excel, Power point, and Image data base
  • Understand Aggregation, Granularity, and Level of Detail
  • LEARN to create data extracts and adding Filters
  • GET the understanding of working with time-series data
  • COVER all the analytical functions like forecasting, Trend lines and Clustering


  • Familiarity with excel

Target audience

  • Those who want to learn Tableau from scratch
  • Those who want to get their Tableau skills to get better
  • Those who have good knowledge of Tableau and want to take your skills to the advance level
  • Those who want to move forward in their career by enriching their skills in the field of data science and data visualization.

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