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Stay at home on this lockdown situation and develop your skills. You can prepare for the longer term through the use of your time effectively online. Nowadays, competition has been increased a lot with the rise in the education rate. If you do not have a better grade, you can’t get admission at any top university. Also, if you do not have advanced expertise you possibly may not get a job. But no matter what your number is, there are a lot of benefits being offered online these days for interested students and professionals. Here we will discuss one such type of online educational site

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edx is a nonprofit organization and is the trusted platform for education and learning. The MIT and Harvard founded edx in May 2012. edX is home to more than 27 million learners, 140+ top-ranked universities in the world and industry-leading companies and 2800+ courses in subjects such as humanities, math, computer science.

Visit edx.org for details.

To enroll the course you have to follow below steps:

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First of all you have to do free registration or signup in below address


After registration, in the search box type Harvard or MIT or the name of your desired university and press enter, that university will come up with all the options. Or if you search by typing the name of your favorite subject or topic or course, it will come.

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Select your course:

Then Select Enroll

—-> Audit this course (FOR FREE) but no certificate


Pursue the Verified Track which cost $99 USD and get the certificate

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